About Mona Chiniwala, M.D.

I came into Medicine with a deep desire to help people. Growing up in India, I was inspired by the devotion and wisdom of our family doctor who was sought out by patients from near and far. I wanted to provide the same level of care when I entered the profession. 

I obtained my medical degree and shortly thereafter moved to the States with my family. After passing the boards, I completed my residency in New York and worked as a teaching attending for nine years. In total, I spent twenty years working as a physician in hospital settings treating the most acute cases and managing patients in crisis. It was rewarding, challenging work. Through all this, I was inspired to move into the world of Integrative Medicine and completed a fellowship in the program founded by the renowned Andrew Weil,  M.D. Physicians in hospitals, by necessity, work in a reactionary way, managing  crises after the patient's health has already been compromised. I wanted to work with my patients to prevent disease.  Moreover  I wanted that personal connection so that patients who are managing an illness can get the individualized, holistic care they need and deserve.


I founded Park Slope Integrative Medicine to do just that and am grateful for a chance to give back to the community  in which I live.

  • Board Certified Internal Medicine:  ABIM
  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship: University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • Internal Medicine Residency: Metropolitan Hospital Center/New York Medical College, New York, NY
  • Board Certified: USMLE
  • Medical School : Shrimati NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad, India